Thank you for visiting my website.  This is where I share my writing life with my lovely readers, all the other writers who sustain me and anyone else who just happens to be passing by.

I am thrilled to have a writing website.  Like all the women I know in my life, young and old, I have a multiplicity of roles. I am personally – and in no particular order – novelist, wife, daughter, mother,  journalist, cleaner, laundry maid, cook, bottlewasher, finder of lost items, taxi driver, purveyor of food to be disdainfully ignored (the cat), provider of chews, ear jiggling and walks (the dog, who is at least pathetically grateful for any attention at all) and a hopelessly long list of other functions, big and small, which I juggle continuously and largely unsuccessfully every day. With clients, kids, elderly parents and pets to look after my poor husband barely gets a look-in. He occasionally complains, the dog gets more attention than he does but – as I point out in reply – she’s considerably more persistent than he is. And cuter.

I do love my writing though… I’ve been taking every opportunity I can get to disappear into a world of my own for years. My life in Sussex inspires me to write feel-good books about subjects that I find endlessly fascinating, moving and funny i.e. people, how they think and the things they do to each other – all in a beautiful setting, of course, with proper intelligent heroines, hunky heroes and happy endings.

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Poppy Alexander
Poppy Alexander
From the writer of 'The Littlest Library', a heartwarming novel about a widowed children’s book author who moves into a cottage in the English countryside.

In her books she can write "happily ever after", but real life? That's another matter...

For children’s book author Imogen, an idyllic life in the English countryside seems like the perfect fit for her and her husband. But when tragedy strikes, Imogen is left widowed, and finds herself moving into Storybook Cottage alone with only her monstrously narcissistic cat for company.

After discovering she is pregnant, Imogen grows determined to embrace a new start in Middlemass, with its duckpond, cricket matches and village fêtes. The only thing Imogen can’t seem to shake is her neighbor—a brooding, artisan blacksmith named Gabriel—who she can’t quite decide is friend or foe. That is until she realizes, thanks to an arcane clause in her deeds, that Gabriel— not just an artist, but lord of the local manor house— has the power to take her home and leave her completely broke.

Devastatingly, he seems keen to do exactly that. Yet, Imogen finds herself drawn to him nonetheless. And in her darkest hour, Gabriel may just be the bright spot to save Imogen in more ways than one.

Available to pre-order now:

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