The 12 Days of Christmas

The most magical time of the year…

 For the first time in ten years, Freya is back in the little village of Middlemass just in time for Christmas. The streets might be twinkling with fairy lights, but after the recent loss of her mother and with her career in tatters, she’s never felt less festive.

 And when she’s forced to sleep under the same roof as her handsome neighbour Finn, Freya realises she’s going to need a distraction – fast! So she sets herself a challenge: cooks her way through the ‘12 Days of Christmas’.

Freya’s soon surprised to find that her delicious cooking begins to bring the villagers together, and as each day passes, old friendships are renewed, memories stirred and there’s even the flickering of romance…

She was only meant to stay for the holidays, but could Middlemass – and Finn – steal her heart forever? Or will the secret she is guarding still have the power to ruin everything?

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